The Rush!!

You are a business owner, manager or an executive in a large firm. Do you have a time of year that is your “rush”? Is there a time where there is a huge increase in demand for your products or services and things get a bit crazy?  How have you learn to manage these peaks? What brings it on? Is it predictable? What can you learn from others?

As I write this I’m sitting at my mechanics waiting to get my winter tires on and it crazy! Why? Snow or the threat of snow! Tires are piled up everywhere, phone is ring, and the parking lot is overloaded with cars and it sunny out, wait until it actually snows and stays.

Winter is an expected event and yet we, the consumers, tend to be surprise when it snows. Like oh it snowed, we need tires, NOW!  Mechanics/garages need to manage around human nature, Mother Nature and product availability, a huge challenge.

I’m in and out in 30 minutes.

How do they manage it? By staying with 4 guiding principals:

  1.  Maintain an exception team
  2. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling
  3. Focused on the customer and exceeding expectations
  4. Have a can do attitude

What is your challenge time? When are your rushes? How can you plan for it? What attributes are important to you? The 4 principals used by my mechanic can apply to any business. Knowing what to expect and planning for it are key to your success.

Are you ready for your “Snow”?

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