Trust The People Who Believe In You!

Are there times when you are given a new job role or function and you are wondering “am I ready to do this?” or “They’ve got the wrong person, I can’t do this.”  This week I had 2 clients who were in that situation.

One client was being asked to move to another country in an equivalent or probably higher level role.  He’s insecurities were leading him to say I’m not ready, I haven’t learned enough. My question to him was do you trust your boss? Answer “yes”. Does he believe you can do it? Answer “yes”. Would he be putting the investment to move you if he thought you’d fail? “No”. Then trust you boss(s) and believe that they see you in a objective light and they see what you are accomplishing and what you can accomplish.

Personally, had I not trusted my bosses I would not have gotten on a plane to Melbourne Australia in November 1999. It was a last minute request to represent the company/business unit on a complex and high value proposal with several other companies involved. I didn’t feel I had the experience and knowledge for the assignment. My bosses believed in me and encourage me to take on the project. The project went extremely well. As a result I was promoted and asked to move to Sydney Australia for 2 years and I had the opportunity interact with customers and manage people across Asia Pacific. An amazing experience! 

Trust the people who believe in you. Trust them, allow them to believe in you when you aren’t ready to believe in yourself. Let them push you to take chances and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities and experiences that can open up for you.

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