Tis the Season To…

Believe it or not Christmas Eve is only 3 weeks away!! How many events/parties/celebrations could you attend in the next 3 weeks?

I personally have invitations to over 10 events in the next 2 weeks and I’m sure that I’m missing a few in that number. The temptation is to go to all of them as they are going to be interesting, festive, and is some case educational. Realistically, I just can’t attend all of them; each event is an investment of time and money. So how do I choice? How do you choice?

As a business owner I asked myself the following questions:

  1. Which event(s) are “don’t miss” event? Is it because it is an organization that I support, and/or event I just love to go to.
  2. Which events(s) are monthly events? Do I need to go every month? Is the topic/presentation important to my business? Will there be other opportunities to hear this topic?
  3. Which are new event(s), why am I considering going to them? What is the potential value to my business?
  4. Most importantly what is my budget for going to events this month? How many hours can I afford to give towards events?

By asking myself these questions I’ve been able to pair down the list to a few high quality events which best fit my business and personal needs at this time. I’m meeting my “event budget” for the month, I’ve freed up time to focus on other aspects of my business and personal needs.

How are you managing it? Spending a few minutes planning this month events can reduce your stress and add quality to the time you are spending out and about during the holiday season.

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