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Trust The People Who Believe In You!

Are there times when you are given a new job role or function and you are wondering “am I ready to do this?” or “They’ve got the wrong person, I can’t do this.”  This week I had 2 clients who … Continue reading

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The Rush!!

You are a business owner, manager or an executive in a large firm. Do you have a time of year that is your “rush”? Is there a time where there is a huge increase in demand for your products or … Continue reading

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What is Your Personal Brand?

What is your brand? Are you aware of yours? Is it what you want? How do you go about managing it? Whether you are a business owner, or professional working in a large organization we all have our own personal … Continue reading

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When do You Lack Motivation?

When do you find motivation lacking as a business professional? When work is stressful, when times are tough or when pressure is off and your calendar is empty? I was recently asked to complete a survey that had me thinking … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Today is a wonderful day to reflect on your professional life. What are you thankful for in your career? Perhaps it is your boss, your peers, your customers, or the opportunity to use your skills everyday. I’m thankful for the … Continue reading

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What is the difference between counselling, coaching and consulting?

Check out the article recently published in the Montreal Gazette Here is a guide to major differences between counselling, coaching and consulting:. (Article is no longer online). Although the article simplifies the differences between the professionals it positive to see public … Continue reading

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Entering the Blogging World

As a Business and Executive Coach, I’m often working with my clients on how to increase their company’s market visibility. Now it’s time to increase my own.  I’m amazed at the changes that have happened in the last 6 years since … Continue reading

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