When do You Lack Motivation?

When do you find motivation lacking as a business professional? When work is stressful, when times are tough or when pressure is off and your calendar is empty?

I was recently asked to complete a survey that had me thinking about when I have a lack of motivation. What are the situations and how do I create motivate for myself?

Personally my motivation is at the lowest when my calendar is empty and the next deadline I have is a week or so away. I can easily be distracted and lose focus. As a business owner these are the moments I need to capitalize on, I need to uses these moments to work on my business and create opportunities.

So how do I create motivation? I’ve recently found two things that are working for me. The first is to write a detailed list of what I’m going to accomplish for the day including at least one stretch item. Creating the list each morning is a huge motivator to get it done, to have the satisfaction at the end of the day that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

The next is to make myself accountable to someone, either myself and when that doesn’t work to an associate or colleague. Telling someone else that you are going to accomplish generally forces us to do what we say we are going to do.

Who can you be accountable to? Can you ask a colleague or an associate? I’ve found it really easy to find people who are more than willing to help and in return you can help them with their accountability and motivation.

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Today is a wonderful day to reflect on your professional life. What are you thankful for in your career? Perhaps it is your boss, your peers, your customers, or the opportunity to use your skills everyday.

I’m thankful for the interesting and dynamic clients I have the opportunity to work with. Every time a client has an “ah-ha” moment, gets out of their own way and/or see the results they are striving I’m grateful to be a part of it.

I’m grateful to for my peers, fellow coaches and business associates. The support and advice I receive makes me a better coach and facilitator. The encouragement they provide to try new things and the sounding board they provide is amazing.

Thank you!!

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What is the difference between counselling, coaching and consulting?

Check out the article recently published in the Montreal Gazette
Here is a guide to major differences between counselling, coaching and consulting:. (Article is no longer online).

Although the article simplifies the differences between the professionals it positive to see public exposure to coaching and it’s benefits.

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Entering the Blogging World

As a Business and Executive Coach, I’m often working with my clients on how to increase their company’s market visibility. Now it’s time to increase my own.

 I’m amazed at the changes that have happened in the last 6 years since I started business. At the time it was “Do I need a website?” Now a website is a given and businesses are asking: “Do I tweet?” “Am I LinkedIn?” “Do I Blog?” “What about Facebook for Business?”

 With the explosion of social media businesses are faced with sometimes overwhelming marketing choices. How to use all of these options to promote ourselves?

 So today I enter the blogging world, my desire is to share what I learn as a business owner, a Business Coach and from my clients.

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